Art direction and design

Soto: Vibrations, 1950–1960
April 2019

Renowned as art history’s leading kinetic artist, Soto explored the dematerialization, or ‘disintegration’ of the art object, breaking new ground while anticipating conceptual strategies to come. A believer in art historical evolution, Soto built upon the work of artistic masters that preceded him in order to challenge figurative tradition via abstraction and repetition. Imbued with vibration and movement, Soto’s early works constitute a breakthrough in his output, laying crucial groundwork for his later kinetic works and the uniquely fluid style that shaped his artistic vocabulary.

The softcover publication is wrapped in a silkscreened PVC dustjacket, creating an optically-layered cover. 

Additional Information
10 Years in the Life of Soto
Hauser & Wirth Exhibition Page

120-page exhibition catalogue with text by Jean-Paul Ameline

Designed for Hauser & Wirth; 8.5 × 11.75"; Typeface: Stanley (Optimo), Helvetica Neue; Papers: Silkscreened PVC flexible foil jacket, Profibulk 1.1

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