Art direction and design

Meret Oppenheim: My Exhibition
October 2021

Inspired by the visionary Swiss artist’s own plans for an exhibition of her art, Meret Oppenheim: My Exhibition brings together nearly 200 works that offer a wide retrospective view of Oppenheim’s lifelong innovation, remarkably open concept of art, and fierce originality and wit.

Designed at The Museum of Modern Art, and organized by Anne Umland with Lee Colón.

Art Direction and Design: Damien Saatdjian; Design: David Klein

192-page catalogue with texts by Anne Umland and Lee Colón, Nina Zimmer, and Natalie Dupêcher. Designed for The Museum of Modern Art; 9 × 10.5"; Typefaces: Stanley and Millionaire; Papers: Condat Matt Périgord and Munken Print White

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