Art direction and design

Joan Miró: Birth of the World
February 24–June 15, 2019


In Joan Miró’s titular signature work, he covered the ground of the oversize canvas by applying paint in an astonishing variety of ways that recall poetic chance procedures. He then added a series of pictographic signs that seem less painted than drawn, transforming the broken syntax, constellated space, and dreamlike imagery of avant-garde poetry into a radiantly imaginative and highly inventive form of painting.

In designing this exhibition’s identity, we decided to cover the entrance’s corridor in a dark blue celestial wash reminiscent of his work. Visitors walk through the moody entryway before entering into the galleries and encountering some 60 paintings, works on paper, prints, illustrated books, and objects—made primarily between 1920, the year of Miró’s first, catalytic trip to Paris, and the early 1950s, when his unique visual language became internationally renowned.

Designed at The Museum of Modern Art, and organized by Anne Umland with Laura Braverman.

Creative Direction: Rob Giampietro; Art Direction and Design: Damien Saatdjian and Eline Mul; Production: Claire Corey, Tom Black, Paulette Giguere; Photographs: Martin Seck; Typeface: De Vinne

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