Art direction and design

Francis Picabia
November 21, 2016–March 19, 2017

Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction is a comprehensive survey of Picabia’s audacious, irreverent, and profoundly influential work. For his first New York retrospective in over 45 years, we designed an exhibition identity whose typography and palette brought a sense of play. The exhibition's title is taken from a quote by the artist, and we juxtaposed his provocative voice throughout the ad campaign.

Designed at The Museum of Modern Art, and organized by Anne Umland with Talia Kwartler

Creative Direction: H.Y. Ingrid Chou; Art Direction: Damien Saatdjian; Design: Damien Saatdjian, Danielle Hall; Production: Claire Corey, Paulette Giguere, Tom Black; Photographs: Martin Seck, Damien Saatdjian; Typeface: Dia (Schick Toikka)

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