Art direction and design

Cézanne Drawing
Jun 6–Sep 25, 2021

Best known as a painter, Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) produced some of his most radically original works on paper. Cézanne Drawing brings together more than 250 rarely shown works in pencil and kaleidoscopic watercolor from across the artist’s career, along with key paintings, that together reveal how drawing shaped Cézanne’s transformative modern vision.

Designed at The Museum of Modern Art, and organized by Jodi Hauptman and Samantha Friedman with Kiko Aebi.

Art Direction and Design: Damien Saatdjian; Design: Prin Limphongpand

216-page catalogue with texts by Jodi Hauptman, Samantha Friedman, Kiko Aebi, Annemarie Iker, and Laura Neufeld. Designed for The Museum of Modern Art; 9 × 10.5"; Typeface: Suisse Works; Paper: Munken Pure

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