Art direction and design

Ethan Greenbaum
September 2021

Greenbaum’s practice is grounded in photographs and drawings the artist makes while moving through the city. His final works—low relief hybrids of photography, sculpture and painting—are difficult to classify at first glance. Greenbaum uses a range of fine art and commercial processes including uv printing, airbrushing, cnc carving, and vacuum forming to materialize and intensify his source imagery.

For this publication, we worked closely together to highlight Greenbaum’s working process—from sketch, to digital composition, to final output. The book is organized chronologically, and punctuated by installation views.

120-page catalogue with bilingual (French and English) texts by Daniel S. Palmer and Peter Halley. 9 × 11.5"; Typeface: Neue Haas Grotesk; Paper: Magno Satin.

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